Comprehensive and Advance Treatment for Cooling Systems Including Open Evaporative & Closed Circuits

ENERGY technically supports client by permanently visiting customers and monitoring the system. Besides, all monitoring systems for cooling circuits are provided free of charge by ENERGY. Our technical team would be at your site to troubleshoot your system and recommend remedies.


Open Evaporative Cooling Water Treatment:

- Advance zinc-phosphonate-polymer

- Advance zinc-phosphate-polymer

- Stabilized phosphate

- Modified stabilized phosphate

- All Organic

- Phosphonates plus Zinc

- Advance Polymer Phosphate Program

- Molybdate Organic Program

- All Polymer Program

Oxidizing & Non-Oxidizing Biocides:

- Non-Oxidizing Biocides

- Algicides

- Bromine

Comprehensive Water Treatment for Closed & Semi Closed Cooling Systems:

- Nitrite Corrosion Inhibitor

- Molybdate Based Corrosion Inhibitor

- Molybdate-Polymer Corrosion Inhibitor

- Nitrite-Molybdate Corrosion Inhibitor

- Nitrite-Azole Corrosion Inhibitor

- Molybdate-Phosphate-Azole

- Silicate Based Corrosion Inhibitors

- Organic Oxygen Scavengers Plus Neutralizing Amines & Polymer

- Azole Treatment

- Non-Oxidizing Biocide Treatment



Comprehensive and Advance Treatment Program for Boiler Systems Including Water & Fire Tube Boiler Systems.

In order to run smoothly the boiler system, it's needed to select and apply proper treatment for hassle free operation.
ENERGY offers wide range of chemicals being used in pre & post boiler systems including economizers, boiler drums, and super heaters.

Also, our chemicals can be used for many types of boiler systems like fire-tube, water-tube, WHBs (waste heat boilers).

Besides, some ENERGY chemicals are designed to use in TLE boilers in olefin plants as well.

Our high performance boiler water chemicals include single-shot multifunctional treatment products, scale and corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, alkalinity builders, sludge conditioners, condensate line.



Pre-Boiler Treatment Program/Oxygen Scavengers:

- Inorganic Oxygen scavengers 

- Organic Oxygen Scavengers

Internal Treatment:

- Phosphate-Polymer Program 

- Phosphates Program

- Coordinated Phosphate Program

- Congruent Phosphate Program

- Chelant-Phosphate Program

- Chelant-Polymer Program

- Phosphonates Program

- All Polymer

Condensate Treatment Program:

- Neutralizing amines

- Filming Amines

- Filming & Neutralizing Amines




Advance Treatment for Desalination Systems

ENERGY offers specialty chemicals for desalination system i.e. RO, MED, MSF units. The treatment program includes antiscalants, antifoams & biocides. Besides, there are cleaning agents which are used for RO membranes.

Our technical team would visit your plant and troubleshoot the system and recommend proper chemical treatment package.


Chemical Treatment for RO Systems:

- Antiscalant for reverse osmosis

- Non-oxidizing biocides for reverse osmosis

- Cleaning Agent for inorganics

- Cleaning Agent for Organics

- Cleaning Agent for Microbiological Fouling

Desalination Systems MSF/MED:

- Antiscalant 

- Antifoam




Advance Treatment Program for Water Clarification/purification & Waste Water Treatment

ENERGY offers wide range of chemicals designed to use in water clarification and waste water systems. This advance treatment includes various coagulants, coagulant aids, flocculants, defoamers, antifoams, reverse demulsifiers, floatation agents,...

Our expert team will visit your plant and simulate your system and find the best product based on system's characteristics. Besides, our technical team troubleshoots your system and discovers the best solution.


Advance Chemical Treatment Program for Water Clarification & Waste Water:

- Antiscalant for reverse osmosis 

- Coagulant Aids (anionic & cationic)

- Flocculants (cationic)

- Foam Control Agents

- Reverse Demulsifier

- Flotation Agent




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