Comprehensive Chemical Treatment Program for Oil & Gas fields Upstream & Downstream

 ENERGY CHEMICAL CO. SEMNAN offers and supplies wide range of specialty chemicals for oilfield. Our proprietary chemicals have many successful case histories in Iranian oilfields like IOOC & NISOC. Besides our chemical's performance were tested by RIPI and approved to use in many oilfields.

These program includes corrosion inhibitors designed to use in oil and gas fields, demulsifiers for separators, scale inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, wax and asphaltene inhibitors.

ENERGY has a technical team which consists of specialized and experienced engineers who conduct laboratory tests at site and develop the best suited demulsifiers & ... for oilfield.


Chemical Treatment Program for Oil & Gas Field (Upstream):

- Oil soluble Corrosion Inhibitors for Oilfield 

- Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors for Gas Field

- Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors for Oilfields

- Scale Inhibitors

- Gas Hydrate Control

- Oxygen Scavengers

- Wax Inhibitor

- Asphaltene Inhibitor

- Demulsifiers

- Biocides

- Foam Control Agents

- Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers


Chemical Treatment Program for Oil & Gas Refineries (Downstream):

- Hydrocarbon soluble corrosion inhibitors for overhead Refinery 

- Low Salt Neutralizing Amines for Overhead Refineries

- Water soluble corrosion Inhibitors for Sour Water


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