Advance Treatment Program for Water Clarification/purification & Waste Water Treatment

 ENERGY offers wide range of chemicals designed to use in water clarification and waste water systems. This advance treatment includes various coagulants, coagulant aids, flocculants, defoamers, antifoams, reverse demulsifiers, floatation agents,...

Our expert team will visit your plant and simulate your system and find the best product based on system's characteristics. Besides, our technical team troubleshoots your system and discovers the best solution.


Advance Chemical Treatment Program for Water Clarification & Waste Water:

- Antiscalant for reverse osmosis 

- Coagulant Aids (anionic & cationic)

- Flocculants (cationic)

- Foam Control Agents

- Reverse Demulsifier

- Flotation Agent



Please contact us for more information, product data sheet or MSDS.