Comprehensive and Advance Treatment for Cooling Systems Including Open Evaporative & Closed Circuits

ENERGY technically supports client by permanently visiting customers and monitoring the system. Besides, all monitoring systems for cooling circuits are provided free of charge by ENERGY. Our technical team would be at your site to troubleshoot your system and recommend remedies.


Open Evaporative Cooling Water Treatment:

- Advance zinc-phosphonate-polymer

- Advance zinc-phosphate-polymer

- Stabilized phosphate

- Modified stabilized phosphate

- All Organic

- Phosphonates plus Zinc

- Advance Polymer Phosphate Program

- Molybdate Organic Program

- All Polymer Program

Oxidizing & Non-Oxidizing Biocides:

- Non-Oxidizing Biocides

- Algicides

- Bromine

Comprehensive Water Treatment for Closed & Semi Closed Cooling Systems:

- Nitrite Corrosion Inhibitor

- Molybdate Based Corrosion Inhibitor

- Molybdate-Polymer Corrosion Inhibitor

- Nitrite-Molybdate Corrosion Inhibitor

- Nitrite-Azole Corrosion Inhibitor

- Molybdate-Phosphate-Azole

- Silicate Based Corrosion Inhibitors

- Organic Oxygen Scavengers Plus Neutralizing Amines & Polymer

- Azole Treatment

- Non-Oxidizing Biocide Treatment


Please contact us for more information, product data sheet or MSDS.