ENERGY CHEMICAL CO. SEMNAN was established in 1984. Ever since we have been providing a broad range of high-quality chemicals including water treatment chemicals, oil processing and oil production chemicals,  ethylene production chemicals , fuel oil additives, well acidizing additives, and drilling fluids additives to our customers.  Cooperating with major international water treatment and oilfield service companies has made us to impose very high standards during our production.

 With 35 qualified sales engineers and local offices nationwide, ENERGY has been providing one of the best services along with its high quality chemicals to its customers.  Five percent of our net income goes into R&D and advanced pilot plants and simulation units for different applications have been set up in our factory. 

More than 12,000 metric tons of chemicals is produced and supplied to more than 1,000 local and international customers annually.  Our expertise allows us to tailor costume programs for each different costumers therefore maximizing the efficiency of our products.